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Friday, May 11, 2012

The practical, the whimsical

"Rainbow" soup

The week began rather gray and cool, so it called for a practical lesson in soup making. Also, I have been in a scramble: pulling up carpet, preparing to paint the kitchen (deciding what color!?), putting in a garden, doing more Thai bodywork sessions than usual--we needed something healthful and easy to heat in the fridge for the week. This calls for Rainbow Soup. I coerced Nate into helping with it. (Madelyn needs only be asked to cook and she's ready.)

Giving Nate the responsibility to stir the pot and monitor the timer for adding the frozen vegetables gave him more interest in what we eat. He asked (!) to write down the recipe:

 For fun, we figured out how much it cost to make this massive pot of soup. It came in under 16.00. "If we each ate a bowl for lunch --a big bowl-- it would cost 1.04 to feed the three of us for five days."

Really, it would be less. I have set some back in the freezer because it's already day 5 and there's plenty of soup left.

Meanwhile, my crafty girl has been swept into the My Little Pony craze. She made her own:

Her Little Pony invention -- "Sprinkles" 

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