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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Starting it

My daughter quit school on Monday. We went in together, sorted though her desk, and left within ten minutes. Her teacher advised her not to "be lazy."

This is what she did her first day:
She played in the mud under the backyard swing and brushed our outdoor cat, "May". It was a balmy day (60 degrees) and damp. It was unusual weather for mid-November in Michigan, and I like to see "signs" when they're convenient. I took it as a marker for a new kind of life.
She learned to "Google" and looked up why cats have tails.
She wrote in a notebook. I don't know what she wrote. We all watched "Searching for Bobby Fisher."

Tuesday (2nd day):

She made her own scrambled eggs on the stove; she drew pictures, learned what Jupiter was made of (Google w/help from me); she asked how half a dozen words were spelled (for her journal?); she watched an hour of "Potter Puppet Pals" on YouTube (the songs are carved in my short term memory),  she learned to use the food processor and we did prep work for Thanksgiving's homemade stuffing; she accompanied me to a spiritual discussion group--and drew the whole time; we discussed what a "hobo" is; she read the comics and TV section of a newspaper while I cleaned an office, she read picture books at bedtime.

Wednesday (3rd day):

Made scrambled eggs; watched another hour of Potter Puppet Pals, went to the gym while I taught yoga (I don't know what they did in the kid's room, but she and her brother were laughing before I got out of range); played some Monopoly with her brother and a grown-up friend while I cleaned; rubbed, chased, and loved-on the dog of said-friend; went to ballet. It's not yet dinner. Who knows what will come next?


  1. Thanks so much for sharing this. I read they have to "detox" from regular school for awhile! :-)
    I have in a friend in my moms group who is interested in this as well, may I give her the link to your blog?
    Looking forward to reading the daily adventures!

  2. Please share it; you prompted this blog, so share away!