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Thursday, May 24, 2012

I'll scramble; they're over-easy

Since we start summer in early May, the kids have floated along while I have been scrambling.

The Thai bodywork business has tripled (considering I had one regular and now have three). There are projects "begun" in the house (painting) and outside (garden -- some planted, some still fallow, waiting to be turned and planted). These items have been added to seven yoga classes per week, four cleaning jobs, keeping myself and the dog walked, my own housework/cooking/shopping. Also, Rob started a new job/shift (an adjustment). My sister graduated college. My car needed work.We did a stint delivering flowers. Nate has soccer. Madelyn tried out for a play. Run, run, run.

My brain feels FULL.

Hence-- it's been a while since I wrote. All the happenings have been mine rather than the kids'.

Homeschooling has gone semi-dormant. The kids continue with math and they read (most days) before bed. They are responsible for a housework job per day--usually spraying down the bathroom or putting away dishes or taking out the dog.

"We thought you was a toad" -- O' Brother Where Art Thou

They are in meandering mode most of the day.

Yesterday, they found a toad in the tomato patch and spent some time holding her. Madelyn took the pictures.


We  play the Wii, oui? Edit: "It's a PS2, Mom"

They get along *far* better than I did with my sister. So even though there's usually a spat sometime each day, they cooperate, as when they play Star Wars Battlefront


One afternoon, I found M. making homemade Pokemon cards for her brother.

"I'm making his favorite team," she said.

Using Google images, Word, the printer, recycled cardboard, glue, and packing tape ("to laminate"), she made his surprise. Then she told him about it later that day and gave it to him.

She has a big heart, but no stomach for secrets.

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  1. One time John John and I tried making some Pokemon-like cards...I hope I still have those!

    In their dormancy, I'm happy to see your kids hanging out together and enjoying it!