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Monday, April 30, 2012

The math we'll need; the math we'll love

The assumption that we all need to take higher math is wrong. For those who love math, go ahead and wallow in the numbers! For most of us, though, arithmetic, thinking logically and reasoning is what we need most.

Based on math teachers' lectures on TED talks, taking Calculus and Trigonometry is practical for professions who put it to use--like engineers and technicians. The rest of us will remember just enough to pass the class or get through the SAT.

To keep math relevant and interesting, Nate and I are working through this book:

No assignments required

Barbie's homemade bed
We do a blend of home-school (math, history, typing) and "unschool"--wherein the kids have time to freely play and create.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Sugar Rush

We did our eggs and chocolate bunnies a few weeks ago, on the first day of spring. (Creation Potpourri). 

However, an article in Family Fun magazine was too easy to resist, and it gave us something novel to do on the weekend when so many are hosting dinner, dressing up, and attending church. We dress down and eat cheap, disgusting sugary snacks. Behold...Rice Krispie Treats a la Easter

The Ingredients  (the butternut squash is just observing, not participating).    

The intent--and the recipe--called for molding the cereal goo into plastic eggs, leaving a hollow on the inside, cooling them, and putting a few M&M's in the center before sticking the halves together.

One shot at pushing the resilient cereal/mallow cement into a flimsy plastic shell made us reconsider. Our fingers were oiled to the tips, but they kept getting stuck as we tried to make the mixture stay in the mold.

"We can just spread this into a cake pan, cut it up, and decorate," I hinted.

"Okay," said kid baker, eager to break into the unnaturally blue hued, air-driven frosting.