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Friday, September 23, 2011

3rd week -- September

We're back from a break while Mom (I) finished Thai Yoga Bodywork training in MN. Onto to China (digitally)...

This episode of Wild China started in the north, just beyond the Great Wall. In one general latitude, it's mountainous, grassy plains, freezing, and barren desert.

It introduced the silk worm and showed how processing silk is done the old way--by hand. They collect the cocoons, drop them in hot water, pull the caterpillar out and use wooden spinning wheels to make thread. I'll never take a piece of silk for granted again!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

1st week -- September

I am enthralled with our Ancient China study and have borrowed a stack of books about Ancient China's inventors/inventions and ways of life. I knew next to nothing about this country, so each new source is like opening a gift. The kids humor me, mostly, but they pick up on references, too. They watched a cartoon that spoofed the Great Wall--which they now know is in Northern China.

Today's Wild China episode was about the Himalayas and Tibet. Some things we learned: