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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Rainbow Cake Unschooling

Monday's lesson : layered cake

What lessons come with making cake?

  • Crack and separate eggs.
  • Divvy cake batter between three pans. You can't eyeball it; you must use a measuring cup and --like siblings require--keep it even.
  • Decide to make our own food coloring or go with the artificial (issues of food safety vs appearance and taste).
  • Level a cake layer after it comes out all puffed on top.
  • Mix butter-cream frosting from a recipe.
  • Experiment with frosting tips and find that butter-cream goes soft quickly. It needs to be chilled to make textured designs.
  • Improvise frosting flavoring when the vanilla is used up for the first batch. (Almond flavored the 2nd batch)
  • Experience that cake, delicious as it is, leaves one with a sugar hangover.


  1. Looks yummy! Gotta love the edible projects. Bonnie made some delicious lemon cookies the other day. She did almost everything herself, including finding the recipe online, shopping for the ingredients, and cleaning up afterward. :)

  2. My son has joined a running team and my daughter watches cooking shows like she used to watch Blues Clues (enamored). One cancels out the other! Have some cake! Run a 5K!