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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Summer novelties

"Playing" an Atari controller candy box while displaying stuffed sea life

After a year of the same ole routines, June has been full of novelties.

First: a trip to Chicago's Shedd Aquarium and a donation to the gift store within (see above photo).

Now it's the advent of summer classes: art and computers. I'm on hiatus from teaching yoga. While brother is in computer class, sister and I wander the downtown.  Favorite finds so far are the cupcake shop...

  ...and the art museum:

Nate considered going back to school a few weeks back. It was a bit unsettling since I thought he liked being home. However--the point of having him home was for choices. I made a call to set him up for placement testing.

After a few days, he began to waffle. He missed his friends, but he didn't miss "school." Once the computer class started -- two hours a day in the company of middle school boys and a college-age teacher -- he reverted back to wanting to home school--no question.

It wasn't school he missed, it was finding some people with his interests. The class he's in has no grades, no bullies, no immobile curriculum. They talk about what the class deems interesting (a lot about gaming, surprise!), with some guidance and advice from the teacher.

Everyone there *wants* to be there.

He didn't want school; he wanted a club.

 Madelyn's artistic inclinations resulted in a cardboard house:

 Here's the renter with his dog:

The doilies that decorated our cupcake plates (see picture above) are the exact size for a tablecloth. So many junkie little things can be reused--and she's just the girl to do it. Her room can attest to that (Oy!).

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