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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Creation Potpourri

She's looks like a Rastafarian, but really she's wearing her Scylla creation.

We read the Odyssey chapter about Scylla and Charybdis (a six-headed monster who eats men and a whirlpool monster who eats ships).

She tied her scarves together to make six necks/head. Then she wore it.

Here's the Scylla, all spread out -->

A truck-and-trailer made while I did Thai bodywork and needed all electronics off, house quiet.

 "Black Susan"--the stuffed bat--who is a scientist. She's experimenting with how long it will take this ice cube to melt in our unusually warm March sun.

Picking up sticks for a bonfire (at some point in the future). She built up the teepee shape and has inserted fluffy, dry leaves in the center.

The first day of Spring --our Easter/Ostara-- we ate chocolate bunnies after breakfast (Lindt has small ones wrapped in gold foil w/red ribbon bows. They were gone before I got out the camera). We colored eggs --fresh, local eggs from our friends at Bluebird Farms. The brown and green eggs took on dye with more subdued, earthier hues.

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