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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving, Madelyn-style

We're having a light schoolwork week due to the holiday. With all this spare time, Madelyn swung into Thanksgiving early, creating this interpretation inside her Barbie play tent:

Note the chess pieces in the middle--they are the salt and pepper. The poker chips are brussel sprouts and the limp balloons are potato skins.

For the meat, she has chosen from the endangered species menu: dolphin and tiger, as well as a pink Easter chick. (She said it was because a dolphin resembles a turkey leg).

View from above. Are the socks dining with us?   

Leveling the cinnamon

We began prepping for dinner last night. Madelyn's favorite pie is pumpkin, and she took equal share in the work to make it. After that pie--and a clean-up--I started on the apple pie.

By 7 PM, the pies were done, dishes were washed, and we enjoyed some TV viewing of our favorite freaks and geeks: The Big Bang Theory (reruns), The Middle (prime time), and Third Rock from the Sun (Netflix).

This morning I have only to make Peking Duck, something new. The only one in my family who is keen on turkey is me, but we all like duck. Meanwhile, Madelyn's itchy for some prep work to do, so she scrubbed potatoes:

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