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Monday, October 31, 2011

My daughter and bats

My daughter loves bats.

She bought herself a plush bat a couple years ago and named her Black Susan. When we adopted a dog who assumed that anything on the floor was "game" for chewing, Black Susan lost a fang and got a hole torn in her head.

I was in Minnesota when this happened. Madelyn took it well, but she did let me know over the phone:
"Black Susan needs you to fix her, Mom."
"Leave her by my bedside, and I'll fix her when I get home."

I pushed in the white spun-filler and sewed the rip. With her lumpy head and just one fang, she looks like an amicable bumpkin.

The kids like a PBS show, Wild Kratts, which is an animal show mixed with animation. The hosts get to take on traits of the animals they're studying (via turning into cartoon versions of themselves). The bat show got the biggest response from Madelyn.

One day, recently, she called me into the living room. "Mom, I'm a bat!"

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